Junior and Senior Years

In addition to a common core of classes that students take (1430 hours) over 4 semesters, a 180-hour project is required together with 150 hours of elective courses.

Summer internships

Internships account for 25% of the total curriculum. Two 6-8 week internships are required in the summer. Students are strongly encouraged to do one of them abroad.

Compulsory classes

  • Electronics and physics
  • Atomic and undulatory physics, physics of components, semiconductors,
  • Electronics (bachelor's level) : components use, amplification function, measurements
  • Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Electronics (1st year master's level) : analog screening, nonlinear electronics, phase locked loops



  • Linear systems, looped systems
  • Power conversion  : three-phase systems, switching components, converters, continuous and alternating machines
  • Servo-control : linear servocontroled systems, correction, nonlinear servocontroled systems


Signal processing and telecommunications

  • Mathematics : distribution and transformed curves, analytical functions, orthonormed systems
  • Sampling, analog/digital conversion, discrete linear systems
  • Probability - statistics
  • Random signal modelling
  • Signal processing : information theory, analog communications, digital communications
  • Digital analysis


Computer science and digital techniques

  • Computer science : Java, algorithms, C and C++ languages, use of work stations
  • Digital electronics : VHDL language, operators, sequencers, figures and calculations representations
  • Microprocessors : CISC and RISC families, LC3 (pedagogical RISC processor), ARM CortexM3 processor (released in 2006), developing application programmes (bachelor's level), STM32 microcontroler (1st year master's level)
  • Systems with microprocessors : structures, in-and-out techniques, operating systems basics


Human sciences

  • Project management
  • Economics and management : microeconomics (accounting tools, marketing, production, corporative law, patents), macroeconomics (incomes, consumption, inflation, markets, domesting accounting, international environment)
  • Communication : oral expression, self-control, written expression, CVs, job interviews
  • Foreign languages : English + Spanish or German, French


  • Data analysis and operational research
  • Chinese and Japanese
  • Electrical power : Production and distribution
  • Mass-market latest products
  • Philosophy of sciences
  • Physics
  • Topics related to the current economy
  • Robotics
  • Thermodynamism and applications
  • Optical treatment of information



  • Music, acoustics and electroacoustics
  • Analysis and control of production systems
  • Numerical encryption and error correction for mass storage
  • Channel coding
  • Power components and integrated circuits
  • Multimedia-compression techniques
  • Digital integrated circuit design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cryptology and data compression
  • Chaos for secure communications
  • RF Electronics
  • Indexing
  • Quantum information
  • Human-machine interface
  • Internet
  • Java (for multimedia products and embedded systems)
  • C++ language
  • Java language
  • Lasers and applications
  • Alternating Machines
  • Project management and staff management
  • Information systems management
  • Mechatronics
  • Micro-electronics
  • Micro-systems et nano technologies
  • Multi-physical systems modelling
  • Radars
  • Cognitive sciences
  • Servo-controled systems
  • Technology and innovation
  • Speech processing
  • Image processing
  • Acoustic signal processing