2nd year master's

Eight graduate specializations to choose from

During their final year, which is equivalent to a second year master's, students may choose from among 8 specializations, followed by a 4-6 month internship. The latter may be carried out in France or abroad, either in a company or in a lab.

The eight specializations are :

- Power electronics and control of systems

- Electronics, communication and microwaves

- Electronics, measurements, instrumentation and biosciences

- Embedded systems

- Computer science and systems

- Mechatronics

- Networks and telecommunications

- Signal processing, real time and communication

All the details about these specializations are given in the following page.

Post-graduate studies

During their final yar, students may begin post graduate studies. 2 specializations are offered :

- post graduate degree with a specialization in Intelligent and Communicating Systems (SIC Research Master)

- post graduate degree with a specilization in Autonomous Electronic Systems (ESA Research Master)

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