Before your arrival


If they are not vaccinated, international students are asked to present a PCR test result passed 24h or 48h maximum before their arrival at the school, depending on the country they are coming from. If they can’t do so before their trip, they can have a test in France before coming to ENSEA or they will be asked to quarantine for 7 days before joining the courses. Since January 31st 2021, new processes to enter the French territory apply to travellers depending of their departure country. 

Since July 2021, being fully vaccinated with an EU recognized vaccine (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson) allows students to come to France from any country as long as visa has been obtained. If a non-vaccinated student can come to France, we strongly recommend to get vaccinated as soon as possible: once your inscription is fully completed, you will receive a temporary social security number allowing you to be vaccinated for free in any vaccination centre of the region.

You will find all the updated information about the documentation to be presented here.



 During your stay

Wearing masks is mandatory in the buildings of ENSEA (inside and outside the classes). Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in every classroom and we strongly recommend students and staff to bring their own as well. If a student forgets this security material masks and hand sanitizer refills are available at the front desk of the school.

Masks are mandatory in shops, public transport, public closed spaces such as administrative buildings, offices, and any closed or crowded place (stadiums, skating rinks, some beaches…).

Wearing a mask anywhere outside your personal home is very strongly advised.



Students must wear a mask during classes and exams.

Some lectures are proposed online whenever they involve large groups. The application laboratory classes are held at the school and any practical teaching as well.

The exams are organized in large examination rooms or online to allow social distancing at any time.

The stairways of the school are one way only to avoid any close contact between students.


Travel through Europe


Students planning to travel abroad during their stay will be asked to inform the International Relations Office in order to stay in contact with them all along and to make sure they will be exploring the world in the safest conditions.

You can check the evolution of the government Covid policy regarding incoming mobility on the government website.