The second academic year at ENSEA is equivalent to the first year of a Master.

The semesters are the 7th and 8th semester in higher education. Following Bologna process, each one is tailored for 30 ECTS credits. In the 7th (S7) semester, students have to take six modules. Two of them are compulsory : Languages and Management & Project modules. For the four others, they have to choose two minors and two majors among Automation, Electronics, Signal and Computer Science. In the 8th (S8) semester, students will follow the Languages and Management & Project modules, one minor and one major among Signal and Electronics. They also have to choose one elective course among 11 courses. An 3-to-4-month internship is compulsory.

7th Semester (Track in English)

Reference   Module   ECTS Hours
LANGUES_S7   Foreign Languages I & II   4 50
AUTOMATIQUE_S7   Control & Power Engineering   4 50
SIGNAL_S7   Signal Processing & Mathematics   6 90
ELECTRONIQUE_S7   Electronics   4 50
INFORMATIQUE_S7   Computer Engineering   6 90
PROJET_S7   Management & Project   6 70

8th Semester (Track in English)

Reference   Module   ECTS Hours
LANGUES_S8   Foreign Languages I & II   4 44
ELECTRONIQUE_S8   Electronics   6 50
SIGNAL_S8   Signal Processing & Mathematics   4 90
PROJET_S8   Management & Project   4 66
OPTION_S8   Elective course   6 64
STAGE_S8   3-to-4-month internship   4 3-4 months

One elective course among those five is to be chosen.

OPTION_S8   Drones   6 64
OPTION_S8   Internet of Things   6 64
OPTION_S8   Microelectronics   6 64
OPTION_S8   Image and Virtual Reality   6 64
OPTION_S8   Artificial Intelligence and Big Data   6 64