Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer le séminaire de   Jean-Pierre BARBOT, portant sur "Semi-Implicit Euler Discretization of Homogeneous Differentiators",  thème Automatique Non-linéaire/Énergies renouvelables   

Résumé :  

In this presentation, a semi-implicit discretization of homogeneous differentiator is presented.

In order to motivate the interest of the subject, the homogeneous continuous time differentiator is first recalled.

The reason to discretize and how this can be done are also exposed with a comparison between explicit and implicit Euler discretization.

This leads to the introduction of a semi-implicit Euler discretization scheme (based one or two projectors) for which the performances are validated throughout different experimentation.

le 14 avril 2022  à 13h15

 via Teams.  


Semi-Implicit Euler Discretization of Homogeneous Differentiators

Jean-Pierre BARBOT : Automatique Non-Linéaire et Énergies Renouvelables