ETIS Seminar : Inbar Fijalkow : One-bit quantized multi-users massive MIMO, by Inbar Fijalkow (ETIS) - December 13th 2016

The use of one-bit analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog converters (DAC) has been proposed to reduce the otherwise overwhelming cost and energy consumption associated with massive MIMO communication systems.
This talk focuses on the issues associated with coarse quantization in massive MIMO systems, and demonstrates that the corresponding impact is minimal at low SNRs, and can be controlled through intelligent signal processing at low-to-medium SNRs. The Bussgang decomposition is used to analyze linear precoders for the one-bit case. Vector perturbation allows to improve even more the performances.
While a number of open problems remain, low-resolution quantization appears to be a promising approach to realizing massive MIMO systems with high data rates.

The IEEE ICDL-Epirob 2016 – September 19-22 Septembre 2016

IEEE ICDL-Epirob is the premier forum for advances in epigenetic robotics and developmental psychology with the focus on learning and development in biological and artificial systems. This single-track conference brings together researchers from cognitive sciences, computer sciences, and robotics to explore their shared interests in autonomous learning and development. The design and study of both robotic and simulated embodied and situated computational models that are inspired by the principles of human development will be presented at the conference.

A special event — the «Babybot challenge» — will see renowned psychologists challenging engineers and modelers in how to use the tools of developmental robotics to replicate and extend the key findings.

This year, thanks to special funding from Paris-Seine University, six renowned invited speakers will cover the different facets of the conference. We invite you to participate in IEEE ICDL-Epirob by sharing your research, insights, experience, and enthusiasm.

More information on the website:


Jeudi 16 juin 2016 : 15ème rencontre du Comité de site Intelligence embarquée dans les locaux de l’ENSEA

Cette 15ème rencontre abordera le sujet des systèmes embarqués pour la santé et sera l'occasion de découvrir la nouvelle plateforme technologique SES (Systèmes Embarqués pour la Santé) de l’ENSEA.

Mercredi 25 mai 2016 :  2ème journée Thématique du Club Fibres Optique et Réseaux à l'ENSEA


ETIS Seminar : Themis Palpanas – Feb. 9th 2016

Enabling Exploratory Analysis on Very Large Scientific Data


Séminaire ETIS Seminar : Alexandre Graell i Amat - October 6th 2015

Wireless Distributed Storage with D2D Communication - Alexandre Graell i Amat, Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden.


Futur en Seine - Data & Me - June 16-21 2015 :

Projecting and protecting our digital identities : Exhibitions / Conferences / debates



Working in Research Day - February 5th 2015

Presentation of the variety of the fields and opportunities in Research, by PhD students and researchers.


QUARTZ Seminar : Complex Systems, Biological and automatic systems, by ECS Lab - January 29th  2015 

Plus d'informations


PhD Students Day - January 20th  2015


ETIS Seminar - June 17th 2014 

  • Signal Processing in Computational Art History", Rick Johnson, Cornell University, USA.
  • "Photographic Paper Texture Classification using Model Deviation of Local Visual Descriptors", présenté par David Picard, Son Vu et Inbar Fijalkow, ETIS.


Conference : Data storage new challenges, By Alan Julé, ETIS (ICI) - March 4th 2014 

Les nouveaux enjeux du stockage de données numériques


Research Day @ENSEA - February 6th 2014

  • Noon - 1pm: Working in a Research Lab, by Resercahers and PhD Students  
  • 1pm - 3pm: Lab tour and demos


ETIS Seminar : Coding for physical layer security by Laura Luzzi, ETIS (ICI Team) - February 4th 2014