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Welcome to ENSEA !

Le plus lourd fardeau, c'est d'exister sans vivre (The greatest burden is to exist without being alive)
  Victor Hugo

If Victor is right, that kind of boring burden is not what you'll find at ENSEA!

And we're not just talking about classes. No matter where you come from, life at school is supported by associations. This word encompasses an impressive diversity and richness: some thirty clubs that make our school, and soon yours, the ideal place to follow your passion.


Passionate about sport, the arts, culture, solidarity initiatives, event organization...the list is long and full of surprises.

Associations are essential, especially the experiences you gain from them:

The encounters you make teach you how to manage projects, unforeseen events and difficulties... that's where real life begins.




Discover all ENSEA associations below:

4L Trophy

The 4L Trophy is a student raid across the Moroccan desert.


If you like board games and/or video games, Arena is the association for you!


A subtle blend of leisure and seriousness, Ares is the association that enables you to carry out all your projects, no matter how far-fetched, by making equipment available to you.


Athena is a team of students who are there to help others both in their future professional life and in their school life.

BDA - Bureau des Arts

The BDA fulfills an educational and social mission by combining high cultural standards with accessibility for all. An essential support for artists, its office offers a wide range of artistic activities: music, dance, theater, games, art...

BDE - Student Office

One team, one family! Our aim? To make your student life legendary!

BdlS - Bureau de la Solidarité (Solidarity Office)

This association promotes mutual aid, sharing, discovery and solidarity.

BDS - Bureau des Sports

Whether you're a beginner or not, whether you want to get back into shape or take part in competitions, you're bound to find what you're looking for in over 12 sports clubs!

BDTech - Technical Office

The BDTech is here to help students realize their wildest technical projects.


Confer'ENSEA gives you the opportunity to practice public speaking, attend lectures by experts in the field, take part in workshops and take part in competitions such as the French Parliamentary Debate Championship!


If you're passionate about dance or just want to let off steam on the dance floor, joining ENSEA's Dans'ea association could be the best decision you make this year!

ENSEA Alumni

The ENSEA Alumni family (former student association) meets up regularly for a wide range of events.

ENSEA Course Croisière

For over 30 years now, the ENSEA Sailing Association has been helping you discover the pleasures of sailing through catamaran initiations and liveaboard competitions!

ENSEA Quantum Computing

We offer a wide range of activities to discover the world of quantum computing.


In partnership with Compañeros, we offer management training to complement the engineering training offered by ENSEA.


Discover Asian culture or share your vision of Asia.


Thanks to our agreement with the Société Nautique de l'Oise, you'll benefit from top-quality facilities, experienced trainers, and first-class boats.


Epicuria is the association that lets you cook all kinds of delicious meals!


ESOUND - MIX: RECORDING, SOUND ENGINEERING, MIX/LIVE-SET, ASSISTED MUSIC. Recording studio. Organization of electro parties.

FIP - Foreign Integration Program

You've come from the USA, Mexico, China... and landed in an unfamiliar country with no friends for your day-to-day life... Our goal: to make sure you fit in and have a wonderful exchange experience!


Are you looking for a way to showcase your talents while having fun and helping to organize an unforgettable event? Then the ENSEA Gala is for you!


Objectives and projects? To make ENSEA ever more eco-responsible.


Since 2016, teams have been setting off on missions in various African countries to improve the living conditions of the local population on their own scale. They install photovoltaic stations on public utility buildings (schools, dispensaries...).

Junior ENSEA

What is Junior ENSEA? Junior ENSEA is an association like a consultancy firm. It's a voluntary association that recreates corporate life around one objective: to carry out technical missions for professionals.


Having trouble getting through math class? Feeling a little hungry in the middle of a class? K-Fet is open for all breaks.

La Cave

What is La Cave? Well, first of all, the Cave is ENSEA's animation room: located inside the school, it's a gathering place for ENSEA students.

The Foyer

The foyer is the place to be after those four long hours of PT, whether you're playing foosball with friends, curling up on the sofa to read a comic book, or just enjoying a quiet bite of food you've brought along.

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