You wish to offer an internship for a student engineer.

The ENSEA Engineer training cycle includes internships each year, at all levels.

Whatever your field or the size of your company, you can offer internships for our engineering students throughout the year.
In the final year, the End-of-Study Projects (EFPs) start at the end of January, until the end of June. They can be extended until September.
In the second year, the internships last 4 months, starting in mid-April.
In the first year, the internships take place in summer, from mid-June to the end of August.

Submit an internship offer

You can submit an internship or V.I.E. offer on our career platform, the ENSEA Career Center. After validation by the ENSEA, your offer will be directly accessible to all our engineering students, and our students and recent graduates will also be able to apply.
You can send your offers by sending an email to indicating the required information: Company name, Contact person name, Telephone, Email address, Subject and location of the internship, Desired period.
You can participate in our Business Expo which takes place in November with more than 50 companies to meet students directly in the school.

Contact Information
Corporate Relations Department - Tel: 01 30 73 62 22


The ENSEA Career Center is a secure space dedicated to the school's partner companies and students. Companies have the opportunity to introduce themselves, to submit their internship, apprenticeship and V.I.E. offers directly, and to announce their career events through dynamic spaces.
Do not hesitate to become an ENSEA partner! Simply create your account at the ENSEA Career Center.Once your account is created, you will be able to add new offers by accessing your personalized space, thanks to your chosen email and password. By posting your offer via this form, you will be able to follow its evolution (validation, number of views), archive it when it is filled, or modify it independently.

To submit your offer, click here.

For their part, students have access to an intranet that offers the possibility of creating their own tailor-made personal spaces, submitting their CVs, consulting and searching for internship and job offers in line with their skills.