ENSEA's statutes define the different governance bodies. Staff - administrative, teachers, technicians - and students elect representatives to boards that make decisions that affect the entire institution.

Board of Directors

The ENSEA Board of Directors is composed of 24 members, including six student representatives, eight external industrial representatives, eight teacher representatives and two BIATS non-teaching staff representatives. This board meets three times a year and decides on the institution's strategy, teaching, recruitment and research policy, the institution budget and the appointment of the director.

The full members

  • Laurence HAFEMEISTER, General Director of ENSEA
  • Daniel FILATRE, Rector of Versailles district
  • Céline JARDIN, Rector representative
  • Bruno PROENCCA, Rector representative
  • Hélène PHANER, Budget auditor DGFIP
  • Jérôme BONNET, Accounting officer of ENSEA
  • Aymeric HISTACE, Vice-Director of ENSEA
  • Maria NOEL, General secretary

The eight industrial representatives

  • Bertrand COMBALUZIER (99), President of the Board of Directors, Group Vice-President, Transformation, Information Technology & Organization - Altran
  • Damien MOUBECHE (07), Vice-president of the Board of Directors, President of ENSEA Alumni, Manager, Market Product Management, France - MasterCard
  • Pierre LEBRUN, Director - Valeo Cergy
  • Claire AMIRAUX (78), Technical Director - Thales
  • Yannick BONNAIRE (85), Executive VP Quality and Progress plan - SAFRAN
  • Philippe ERBETTA, Research & Development Director - SAFRAN Electronics & Defense
  • Christophe POUPART, CEO - Starlabs
  • Julien DROUET, Product Management Director - IDEMIA