ENSEA has set many opportunities for companies to directly meet the sutdents 

Professionnal Conferences

All year long, our students have many occasions to meet Alumnis from the school, HR specialists or working professional who come to explain their career or day-to-day job. These conferences take place in our main classroom, usually on tuesdays at lunchtime, between october and december. Comanies come also to present their activities, careers management, innovation programs...

Ateliers emplois

This seminar is a simulation for a job interview or an internship research. These meetings are done in face-to-face, between one sutdent and one HR spectialist or a technical manager. It ends with a feedback about the interview.

Teachning partnerships 

Teaching classes
Many professional working in small structures or big companies are hired temporarily to give lecture and lessons on specific topics, mainly for specialized options (last year) or to follow our students during their projects (Proof of Concept, prototyping, conception...) 

Internship : more than 2.000 internship offers are available each year.

Apprentices : Our apprentice section is open for students who will spend more than half of their time working in companies while following their studies. 

Parrainage de promotion 

Each year, a professionnal is selectied to follow an Alumni year. It creates a special relationship between the sudents and the "Parrain" or "Marraine de promotion", who award them with their diploma during the fianl ceremony 3 years later.

Research contracts

In our 2 research laboratories, ETIS and Quartz, our teams work on applied projects, directly linked to the industrial needs. We have ready-to use tests environnements and are abel to build tailored-sized platform for any R&D matter.

Administrative Partnership 

Eight professionnal are taking part in our governance instances.

Student Life 

Many COmpanies chose to help our students by participating in their event, financially or by giving some material. 


Contact : Service des Relations Entreprises 01 30 73 62 22 


Le Service des Relations Entreprises propose et organise tout au long de l'année plusieurs actions de rencontres directes entre les entreprises partenaires avec ses étudiants, ses départements ou ses équipes de recherche.

  • Conférences-Entreprises
  • Ateliers-Emplois
  • Le Forum Entreprises de l'Institut Polytechnique Grand Paris a lieu tous les 4èmes jeudis de novembre. Organisé avec SUPMECA et l'EISTI, la 5ème édition a eu lieu le jeudi 10 décembre au hall Saint Martin à Pontoise. C'est un forum commun qui regroupe plus de 50 entreprises dans les domaines d'activité de l'électronique, de l'informatique, des systèmes d'information et systèmes embarqués, et de la mécatronique. Offres de stages et de postes pour les profils ingénieurs de Bac+3 aux Bac+5. Site de l'Institut Polytechnique Grand Paris
  • Le Forum ALLIANCES PLUS a lieu tous les 3èmes jeudis de Novembre. La dernière édition a eu lieu le jeudi 20 novembre 2014 au CNIT, La Défense. Ce forum commun regroupe une centaine d'entreprises offrant des stages, des VIE, des postes dans les domaines de l'informatique, de l'électronique et des télécoms recherchant des profils ingénieurs.