The admission based on qualifications procedure is meant for international students having already validated a foreign degree and willing to join ENSEA's training.


Two levels are possible:

- Admission in the 2nd year (1st year of Master equivalent) for holders of a first year of Master or a second year of engineering cycle - Master 1 level or Senior year (USA) validated

- Admission in the 3rd year (2nd year of Master equivalent) for holders of a complete Master degree or a third year of the engineering cycle - validated Master level or Graduate level (USA)

Please note: only a second year integration allows students to obtain ENSEA’s engineer title. A third year integration is done under the status of "free mover" without obtaining the diploma.

More information on our French or English taught courses on this page.


Selection of applications

The applications are evaluated following specific criterias:

- Academic results

- Language level in the language of the planned study track (French or English)

- Professional project

- English level


Tuition fees

3770€ per year of study for tuition fees and 275€ per year for administrative fees.


Graduation conditions

To obtain ENSEA's engineering degree and French engineer title, the students have to achieve the following conditions:

- Validation of three academic semesters at ENSEA (courses only, excluding the Master Thesis)

- Validation of the Projet de Fin d'Etudes/Master Thesis at ENSEA (or supervised by a faculty member of ENSEA)

- Validation of a minimal TOEIC test score of 785

Application documents

In addition to the required documents mentioned in the application form (downloadable at the end of this page), the following documents have to be sent together with the form:

- Transcripts of records of all the undergraduate and graduate years of study (with ranking specified), translated and certified, if the originals are not in French or English.

- Language Certificate for the language of the chosen study track (TCF or DELF for French; TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge test for English)

- Cover letter explaining any related professional project (in French or English)

For any further information and to send us the application form and documents: ri@ensea.fr


All the applications must be sent for an enrolment starting the 1st of September (fall semester).

The deadline for application is on April 12th 2024.

ENSEA will give you an answer between May 1st and May 15th.



ENSEA is involved in the process of awarding the Eiffel Scholarship, a program that allows excellent students from humble backgrounds to benefit from a scholarship for their studies in France.

Documents to be provided at the Master's level:
-Photocopy of your identity card
-Curriculum Vitae (2 pages maximum)
-Diplomas and ranking
-Language certificate or diploma (if applicable).
-Transcripts from the last three years referring to an academic career in France and abroad.
-Professional project
-In the case of a bidiploma (obtaining a double degree), the institution must attach the agreement and specify awarding other terms of the procedure implemented between the institutions.
-The training program and its complete calendar

More information on https://www.campusfrance.org/en/eiffel scholarship program of excellence

Applications must be sent to ENSEA at ri@ensea.fr by December 1st, 2023

pdf Application Form - Digital version pdf, 1.23 MB
pdf Application Form - Print version pdf, 1.15 MB