ENSEA Alumni, a worldwide network of graduates in all sectors of activity.

Joining ENSEA means joining a network of graduates with representatives in every major city in the world and in every business sector.

A network of over 8100 alumni worldwide

The ENSEA Alumni community is dynamic and supportive, and organizes events throughout the year to develop the alumni network, make contacts and exchange ideas on careers and our fields of activity.

The association and its volunteer ambassadors federate and animate the network, support students in building their professional projects and help graduates develop their careers.

ENSEA Alumni is an asset for the community of Ensearques, promoting our diploma and our training, and sharing the values espoused by the school in the service of business and society.

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A strong link with the school

Graduates play a major role in ENSEA's development.

They are part of the governance, participate in strategic discussions, organize joint events...

They are also actively involved in the life of the school, taking part in courses and admissions juries, and offering internships, apprenticeships and jobs.


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A dynamic team of volunteers

ENSEA Alumni is managed by some thirty volunteer engineers and students. They organize the association's various conferences and events throughout the year.