Two innovative and excellence centers in the heart of Telecommunications, Computer science and Complex systems.

International Research

Our two laboratories participate in numerous French (ANR) and European projects (PRCD).

They work in numerous projects like Smart Grids, Renewable Engergy, Data Mining, Self-leanring Systems...

They are also well represented in the competitive centers (Sytem@tic, Mov'eo, Cap Digital…) and work hand-in-hand with industrial companies. 

Strong research links are also built with partners university such as Cornell University, La Sapienza, TU Berlin... and students and researchers from all over the world are welcomed.

Expertise acquired from the labs helps training the students. Several research projects are taking place inside the labs. Engineers students are allowed to follow a Research Master in parallel of their final year.

Our research teams work currently on high-value projects with international collaboration:


60 associate and full professors

50 PhD students

ETIS : Signal processing and information systems

ETIS gathers researchers from ENSEA, UCP and the French National Research Center (CNRS) and is composed of four research groups.


  • Architecture, Systems, Technologies for Reconfigurables Embbedded systems (ASTRE)
  • Information, Communications, Imaging (ICI)
  • Multimedia Indexation and Data Integration (MIDI)
  • Neurocybernetics

Quartz : Complex Systems, Mechatronics and Systems Control

Quartz gathers researchers from ENSEA, Supmeca and EISTI. This laboratory was created in 2015 in order to focus on multidiscilplinary fields, dealing with complex systems.

  • Digital Engineering (ex-LISMMA)
  • Tribology & material (ex-LISMMA)
  • Vibroacoustics et structure (ex-LISMMA)
  • Electronics et Control (ex-ECS-Lab)
  • Computing Systems (ex-L@RIS)