The French AMerican Exchange program is a Spring Semester Study Abroad program for undergraduates taught in English by professors at ENSEA, one of the top French Engineering Schools in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science.


Students in their third year of an undergraduate ABET-accredited degree program with a major in Electrical or Computer Engineering or Computer Science. FAME program will perfectly match their junior year Spring Semester.

FAME Partner Universities

Since the beginning of the program, 10 US Universities have joined us : Illinois Tech at Chicago, University at Buffalo (UB), University of Pittsburgh (UPitt), Colorado School of Mines (CSM), University of Colorado at Boulder (UCB), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), Georgia Tech (GaTech), University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (U-M), Michigan Tech University, Mississippi State University (MSU).

An unforgettable taste of the French Engineering School System

Ever heard of "Diplôme d'Ingénieur"? This is the French Master of Excellence... What is it excellent for?

First, the students. They are highly selected after their A-levels to enter a two or three-year preparatory class-program where they have to master fundamentals in maths and physics in order to prepare for a nationwide competitive entrance exam to "Grandes Ecoles".
Then, the school. These students are far more well tutored than in classic French Universities. In fact, besides the classic lecture type of courses, Engineering School students have tutorials and practical work in small groups (labs).
Finally, the job. Engineers who get the "diplôme d'ingénieur" generally find a job within six months after graduation. Some of them also continue for a PhD.

The goal of FAME is to let you taste our best education from within, during a semester, through courses taught in English and transferable credits so you don't waste your time either.


Living in Cergy

You will find a detailed guide for incoming students in the download section at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to share it!


International Relations Office :

Head of FAME Program : Carine Sabouraud-Muller

Director of International Relations : Eneko Chipi

An office dedicated to you

The International Relations Office helps you feel comfortable at ENSEA and in Cergy. You can use these services as soon as you arrive and throughout your stay. IRO staff is exclusively focused on the needs of international students.

Useful links

Cergy's wiki

About Paris

Visa for studies in France

Campus France Website


For English-speaking undergraduates students that want to spend a Spring semester in our institution, the FAME program is tailored for you. It was build under the partnership with 10 American Universities whose professors validated all the modules proposed in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science.
The Application Form (downloadable at the end of this page) and the required attached files are to be sent to along with a resume and a cover letter.


2025 dates for FAME Program are: January 11th to May 23th (15 weeks of class, 4 weeks of break)


4-minute video feedback from 2023 students:


5-minute video feedback from 2024 students:



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