QUARTZ is a global research laboratory dedicated to Complex systems.

The research are focused on various fields like Mechatronics, Cyberphysical Systems, Internet of Things, Semantic web, mulitphysic models, operationnal security and Smart material.


Conception, Analysis and Systems Control (CACS)

  • Sustainable Systems
  • Non Linear System and renewable Energy
  • Electronics

Dynamics, Materials and Structures (DMS) 

  • Acoustic Vibration of structures
  • Tribology and Materials
  • Static and Dynamic Mechanic structure

Computer Science, Mechanics and Mathematics (I2M) 

  • Modeling and simulation
  • Systems of Systems (SoS) Cyber-physical Systems  (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Applied maths and optimisation





More information on : http://www.laboratoire-quartz.fr/

Director : Jean-Pierre Barbot

6, avenue du Ponceau
95014 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex

Tel.: +33 (0)
Fax: +33 (0)

mail : secretariat.recherche@ensea.fr