More than 140 partnerships, and more than 30 Double-degree programs

ENSEA students must have at least four months of international experience during their studies in order to obtain the diploma. This experience can be done in the form of an internship in a company, an internship in a research laboratory abroad or an academic semester at a partner university.
In addition, it is possible to obtain a double degree from ENSEA coupled with one of the institutions with which we have signed an agreement. These dual degrees are a major asset for engineers in the labour market.

More details about our partners on the French version of the page!

ENSEA students around the World!

ENSEA focuses on the international experience of all our students. Being an ENSEA Engineer means being able to work worldwide thanks to our internationalization policy for all students:

  • 4 months abroad embedded in the curriculum
  • more than 350 possible exchange programs available
  • 100% of our students with an international experience
  • 50% of our graduate engineers start their professional career in an international environment
  • Two mandatory foreign languages and several third language classes options
  • B2 level in English required for graduation
  • Hundreds of international internship opportunities
  • 10% of international students
  • Up to 3 semesters entirely English-taught