French American Exchange Program

Le programme Fame est une opportunité d'échange international avec des universités américaines prestigieuses dont



Les cours dispensés sont les mêmes que ceux délivrés à l'ENSEA, en langue anglaise :


  • Electronic Circuits with Lab (6 c.h.)
  • Introduction to Microprocessors & Assembly Language (3 c.h.)
  • Signals & Systems (3 c.h.)
  • Communications Systems (3 c.h.)
  • French language & Culture (3 c.h.)
  • Fundamentals of Power Engineering (3 c.h.)
  • Probability & Statistics (3 c.h.)
  • Operating Systems (3 c.h.)
  • Algorithms Design and Analysis (3 c.h.)



Le programme FAME 2022 aura lieu du 22 janvier au 3 juin 2022.



Academic Coordinator : Carine SABOURAUD MULLER - Professor of Electronics

tel : +33 (0)1 30 73 66 06


I would 100% recommend this program. All the people we have met here have been awesome, really understanding. I really appreciated that the courses we took here were equivalent to those of UB and that we had the possibility to transfer credits.
I particularly enjoyed the microprocessor course, build the circuit and make it work was great! And if possible, I would have taken even more French language courses.
I think that employers are interested in people that are willing to or have been abroad, this experience will be perfect to put in my résumé.


I appreciated that the courses were taught in English but at the same time we had the chance to learn French. I enjoyed the smaller classes than in my university, for the labs and the building of circuits it was much easier to ask questions to the professors. In the US we have a lot more homework to do, for one hour of lecture we must work two or three hours at home.
I think companies will appreciate the fact that I could “survive” abroad and adapt to a different culture.


I would absolutely recommend the FAME program. I learned a lot more here during the lectures because of the smaller class than in the US. Twice during the semester we had two weeks of vacations, during the first break we travelled in northern Europe : Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest and Prague, during the second break we went in southern Europe : Monaco, Venice, Barcelona… We mostly travelled by train and walked a lot in the cities.
Back in the US, I would like to go on studying French language. I will miss French food and coffee !


I wasn’t planning to study abroad until I heard of this program. To me it’s a very specific program, it’s the unique study abroad program that fits exactly with our schedule at UB. It’s a perfect program for somebody who doesn’t speak the language but wants to get a good dose of culture and maintain his curriculum abroad. I really appreciated the welcome and the hospitality when I arrived in France at ENSEA. 


Coming study in France with the FAME program was such an opportunity : it was a great experience of another culture and language. I hope to go on studying French language. However I think we couldn’t have attended scientific courses in French, hopefully our courses were taught by French professors fluent in English. During the weekends we could visit Paris and other French cities. One of my best memories is when we went in Normandy : we found no public transportation on Easter Monday so we rented bicycles and biked 30 kilometres to reach Omaha Beach !
In France I have experienced a different pace of life, more relax than in the US. I will miss French wine, cheese and the famous “baguette” bread.


I would strongly recommend the FAME study abroad program. The possibility to travel in Europe during the semester was really amazing. 
At first I was surprised that ENSEA buildings were closed in the evening and during the weekends. Because in the US students can study in the library or work in the computer labs at any time ! Then I appreciated this different pace of life here in France.
ENSEA students were very welcoming and they didn’t miss the opportunity to practice their English with us ! I also met other foreign students from India and from Peru.
From a personal point of view, the FAME experience was enlightening !